Emotional Cinematic Audiojungle Sound Tracks

Emotional Cinematic Audiojungle is an Inspiring melodic piano Powerful emotional fruits of the orchestra Powerful drums and percussion-heavy. In this Video I am going to show you how to remove audiojungle watermark from any audio jungle song. To do this you need Adobe Audition 2015 or above edition. Download these files from the link given in the description. Now open Adobe audition Go to File click on Import and select the files to import. Select the audiojungle watermark mp3 file and drag and drop it in the work area. Now click on the work area and press Control + A to select the entire section.

Emotional Cinematic Audiojungle

Follow the below links to get the files Track code: 19766942

Audio: https://audiojungle.net/item/emotional-cinematic/19766942
Files: https://jogaarr.com/?smd_process_download=1&download_id=1574

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More About Emotional Cinematic Audiojungle


You can use any tool that you like. However, All you have to keep in mind is to make a selection as accurately as possible. Have a look because, All right, now, it’s exactly falling on the canvas. Isn’t that amazing? Now, the canvas is white, right? Let’s turn it off. Let’s have a look. The canvas is white. Whatever we paint on it is going to make it what? Darker, right? And what is the Blend Mode which makes things darker? Anything in the Darken Blend Mode group. Let’s turn it on and have a look. We’re going to choose Multiply. It looks right. At this moment, actually, we can stop. We have two copies. One, we’re going to name it Light and the other we’re going to name this Shadow. All right, now we’re going to place it on top of the Placeholder.


What is Cinematic?

I have turned off the light momentarily. However, this is only creating lights and shadows. Emotional Cinematic Audiojungle We don’t want involvement of any color in this case. So, let’s take away the colors by desaturating it. To desaturate it, press Ctrl + Shift + U or Command + Shift + U. Once it’s desaturated, what Blend Mode do you think darkens or creates shadows? We just used it. So, change the Blend Mode from Normal to Multiply. This is perfect. However, We need to make the shadows even darker. So that we can control that later according to the image that we have, because different images will require different amounts of shadows and lights.


In Conclusion

let’s go ahead and create a Curves Adjustment Layer by clicking on the Adjustment layer icon and then choose Curves. And we’re going to take it down just a little bit. At this point, this is affecting all of the images, we don’t want that. However, We want the Curves to affect only the shadow. So, hold the Alt key or the Option key and click on the line between these two layers. Now, the Curves are limited just to the shadow layer. Alternatively, let me redo that, you can open the Curves properties by double-clicking on the symbol right there and then click on this button. It also creates a Clipping Mask. However, still, there is something wrong. The Shadow layer that we created is being applied over the entire image and not just the canvas.

So, we need to make sure that it’s only affecting the canvas. And how can we make sure that happens? Just simply copy the Mask. So hold the Alt key or the Option key, click and drag the Mask on the shadow layer. All right, now, let’s go ahead and turn on the light.












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