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Let’s sharp your physics skills with the Magnet Balls Physics Puzzle game. It is an Android-based mobile game, the gameplay is like a famous Bubble Shooter, it is way more than that.

Your goal is to clear in Magnet Balls Physics Puzzle all the balls from the board.


  • Lovely graphics designed
  • Seven bonus balls
  • Chance to use the associate accelerometer in a hundred sixty-five levels
  • Two game mode (endless & adventure)
  • Vie for the most effective score within the world
  • New levels coming back before long


Rules are very simple like 1 2 3. We will give you some balls, and there will a hanging balls puzzle consist of magnetic balls. You need to hit your ball in a very specific area to break the bonds between the balls.


Bonus Balls

Bonus balls are life savours because they have a massive impact while blasting the hanging balls. Do not miss your bonus balls because it comes with more valuable points.



There are two(2) modes in this game, one is Endless and second one is Adventure. Both have different challenge areas. like Endless have not timelimit but adventure mode will come with different time challenges.


Appealing Balls Designs

As we have a realistic game theme, so our designer makes this game more realistic with adding some colours to make this look more engaging, because we really need your engagement.


Age Restriction

You will be happy when you know that there is no age limit to play this game. There is no adult content that requires any specific age permission. Keep your kids closer while play this game, so they also suggest you where you need to hit the ball to gain more score.


Do not stop your self right here, in addition, there are more engaging games for you to download free with an ad-free version here on jogaarr.



Demo :



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If you follow the above steps correctly, you should have the Magnet Balls Free Game ready to run on your Windows PC or MAC

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