Dynamic Stylish Opener AfterEffects Template

We’re talking about Adobe After Effects and Dynamic Stylish Opener. So, as I mentioned in the intro, we’ve never actually talked about this program before. We’ve talked about everything else but we’ve never, never even dabbled in After Effects. And I’ve seen a lot of comments and questions and emails and DMs and a lot of people want to know. That’s today. I figured we would start with this. There’s probably going to be multiples of these because this program’s a beast and I don’t think I can tackle this all in one video. And you guys know how I talk a lot, so this needs to be split up for sure.

Dynamic Stylish Opener

Features of Dynamic Stylish Opener:

  • Quick Render however no plugins needed.
  • Works with once Effects CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC 2015, CC 2017, CC 2018.
  • Resolution – FULLHD 30FPS and Universal Expressions – works in each language version of once Effects.
  • Links without charge font is enclosing plus Straightforward color modification.
  • PDF tutorial enclosed and Thirty-four Media and Text Placeholders.
  • One emblem Placeholders.

Get the Files of Dynamic Stylish Opener

Dynamic Stylish Opener
Size: 3.0 MB

Preview: https://videohive.net/item/dynamic-stylish-opener/21829495
Music: https://audiojungle.net/item/energy/20103590?s_rank=16=mushuk

Plus in Bonus, you also need that Call-out-title pack free to make call-out more interesting.


More about Intro Opener

So let’s just call this After Effects basics, part one. However, I’m run you guys through the interface of the program. Show you what it’s like, where things go, try and simplify it for you as best as I can. Then I think we’ll just make a simple title, like animating a nice title that’s tracked through 3D space.  I find these actions just help me explain things better. We’ll track a title so you guys can put those types of things in your videos or your vlogs or your travel films. It’s a very good introductory, small little task for a program as much of a beast as After Effects is.


In Conclusion

Essentially, in and out. I believe you can also use B and E for the beginning and end. Might be N for End. There are so many shortcuts. Once you’ve deciphered which in and out the point you want and you’ve trimmed that down, you’re gonna move that to the beginning of your timeline and then we’re gonna do something that’s gonna just make everything a little more efficient and a little easier to deal with.



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