Isometric Office Mock-up Scene Updated

Isometric Office Mock-up workplace to show your work associate degreed internet project style from an isometric perspective.

Isometric Office Mock-up

Features of Isometric Office Mock-up:

  • 13 PSD files however separated background.
  • High resolution 2000×2000, 3000×3000, 4000×4000.
  • Easy editable via sensible Objects.
  • Organized Layers with Separated shadow.

Follow the below link to get your files:

Isometric Office Scene Mock-up

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More about it

We are dealing with light, we don’t want any color to be involved, right? So, desaturate it by pressing Control + Shift + U / Command + Shift + U, it’s desaturated. Now, what is the Blend Mode which brightens stuff? Screen, right, or any Blend Mode in the Lighten group. So, let’s go ahead and change the Blend Mode from Normal to Screen. But, you know, it’s very, very light, it’s very bright. So, how do we control that? Again, Curves, right? The problem here is it’s also brightening the shadows. We don’t want that. We want to keep the highlights in the highlight areas but, we don’t want to brighten the shadows, right. So select the Shadow layer, hold the Shift key, select the topmost layer and then press and then you can actually move this Mask on the shadow layer to the entire group.

In Conclusion

Click on the Adjustment layer icon and then choose Curves. Now, we just want to limit the curves to the Light layer. So click on this button, Create Clipping Mask button. Now, we will create a point on the right-hand side, it will maintain the light, and on the left hand side, we’re going to create a point, and then just bring it down, just like that. That will make sure that only the brights are enhanced. There we go, that kind of looks good. You can make little adjustments here and there. And there we are. Now, it again also affects the entire image, we don’t want that. We just want it to affect the canvas. We can either copy the same Mask there, or you know what we can do, we can make an entire group of the lights and shadows.

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