Lumina Social Media Instagram and Facebook Pack

Lumina Social Media Instagram and Facebook are providing a lot of advantages to its users. However, this will help them to reach their goals. Therefore, it is compatible with the beginners too. In addition, students related to media, and these fields are having more dominance factors.

Lumina Social Media

LUMINA Social Media Pack

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Lumina in Trend

Social media is trending nowadays because It is a source of getting in touch with each other. In other words, staying connected. Laying out, a ready-made social media pack known as Lumina Instagram and Facebook for the users. Used for Instagram and Facebook. Absolutely, customized. It beautifies your content with perfect color tones and contrast. In addition, by these, you may enhance your work. As this would be appreciated more and more. Secondly, you may get more likes and more fan following as this would give a soothing and pleasing look to your image. Designers must go for it, as these templates are editable in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe In Design.

Advantages of Lumina Social Media

  • Ready templates are available to get access.
  • Optimized according to the social media dimensions. Specifically for Facebook (1200 x 630).
  • Compatible with Photoshop CS4 and InDesign.
  • For the versions, below InDesign CS6, it is included with the IDML file.
  • Included with all free unlicensed pictures enclosed and demo files for some private use only.
  • HIGH RES PRINTING exported file from InDesign.
  • Nice in-depth facilitate File
  • You need basic information on InDesign or Photoshop
  • Parallelogram Shared Link templates (optimized for Facebook) 1200 x 630 post exchange
  • Straightforward to use and customizable bedded Photoshop templates
  • All FREE unlicensed pictures enclosed
  • All FREE demo FONTS enclosed (some for private use only)
  • THESE can also BE EXPORTED HIGH RES PRINTING! (from InDesign)
  • Professionally impress victimization Paragraph designs InDesign templates – one-click modification to fonts/colors
  • Compatible with InDesign and Photoshop CS4 and up
  • Includes.IDML file (for versions below Indesign CS6)
  • Replace the titles and data together with your own, modification of the colors and pictures to match your whole, produce beautiful and consistent social media.


After all, Lumina Social Media Instagram and Facebook are giving the edge of modification to the pictures and colors that match the consistency of the content. The user is in control of managing the data and titles. Lumina Instagram and Facebook are straight forward in using and it is an embedded Photoshop template. You may create smart objects by embedding your image. For more user-friendly package. However, downloading the pack is providing you with the PDF files for references. Also, it includes IDML files for the previous versions of InDesign CS6. Arrangement of colors will give it a visual attraction to the viewers. With creativity and an appealing point of view, the user can edit the template according to the requirements.

Usage of Lumina Social Media

Using Lumina Social Media Instagram and Facebook is compatible, trendy, and clean! In other words, well suited and well-matched with the image because you can utilize the pack with some clicks. These are the creative and less time-consuming templates for designers and social media users. Most importantly, food bloggers are on the top. They are always in search for these kinds of packs. However, to intensify their photography and to enhance more in less time. They use certain kinds of templates to set up tones. All the files are giving a link to download the pack. Secondly, Lumina Instagram and Facebook are providing a link at the bottom for downloading the whole package and getting access to it.

Conclusion in Lumina Social Media

In conclusion, in Lumina Social Media and above all are the advantages and usages factors of the templates. However, Thankyou for considering me and visiting my page. Beautify your image because It can be for use as commercial, social, and for promoting purposes. In other words, purify your work and make it more glory. Using Lumina Instagram and Facebook is an ideal package for designers, bloggers, and websites. So, download it in one click and also do give me your reviews as soon as you get utilized! Stay here for more updates.

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