Logo Reveal Wings Adobe Aftereffects Template

We need to get the basics out of the way. Now, I know that this interface looks pretty intimidating. However, once you get the basic mechanism of it and you know where everything is. Logo Reveal Wings as everything else builds upon that basic knowledge. In other words, this tutorial will try to include all the basic needs to get you started into one video. Adobe Aftereffects all right, enough talking about the tutorial. Let’s actually jump into it. So the first thing that we see in this interface. That it’s divided into panels. You have your Project panel over here, which also shares the Effects Controls panel.

Logo Reveal Wings

Features of Logo Reveal Wings

Wings animation emblem when the impact

The example organize, it’s a pair of vogue Smoke and hearth, you’ll be able to switch between them simply by one click.

  • AE CS6 or Higher. However, Pre-Rendered footage and straightforward to customize are included
  • No Plug-in needed because Video tutorial enclosed plus the audio doesn’t embody.
  • After Effects Files and  files enclosed when Effects Project Files
  • Length 0:10
  • Resolution 1920×1080
  • File Size 272MB

Follow the below link to get the source files:

Wings Logo Reveal FREE
Wings Logo Reveal FREE
Size: 272 MB

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More About the Wings

The Project panel is where all your media, which can be footage, audio, images, anything like that will be store here. Logo Reveal Wings Anything that you use import in the Project panel. Right next to it, there’s a Composition panel. This is pretty much your monitor. However, This is where everything that you do in your timeline will appear. Before we start exploring the rest of these panels, let’s actually import some footage so that we can get a better understanding of what everything does with an actual example. Logo-Reveal-Wings So to import your footage, you can either double click into this Project panel. The area will open up this Import File window. You can import files through File, Import, File, or Multiple Files.



You see they’ll pretty much give you the same thing. However,  if you have a folder open already with the footage that you need. Logo Reveal Wings you can simply just drag it over onto this box or into the Project panel area. We now have some footage imported, and you can see that there is some basic information here. It gives you the resolution, the frame rate, the number of colors, and the type of compression that this video has. Because moving on from here, what you wanna do is create a new composition.


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