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What is Material Design Backgrounds? You’ll probably have to ask me this a couple of times. So, material design is a system for designing interfaces. Material design is a design language. It is a design system that is a new perspective on what the human and device relationship can be. However, it’s too complex of an idea. Material design is this design philosophy that’s really trying to acknowledge the technology behind the interface.
10 Material Design Backgrounds
Features of Material Design Backgrounds

As we know Material Design is in Trend and even mobile wallpaper are also designed in the guidelines of Material Design. Here are some of the features of the source file that you are going to get.

  • Pixel Dimension will be 3000 x 2000. Which are very wide in size.
  • Resolution is 300 because of high definition matters.
  • Source files are in PSD format.
  • The preview image in JPG format will be available.

Get files:

Follow 2 steps to get your desire source.

Pro Tip: Tripple clicks on Blue links, CTRL + C, and paste on your browser to access links.

Step 1
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Step 2
Get source files.

If you like this source, you will definitely like newly added all premium Material Design Wallpaper background source suggestions at the end of this page. However, you can come anytime, we have upload new content every week.


10 Material Design Backgrounds


Bonus File


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More About Material Design System

It’s a way for designers to collaborate with users. Material design is a way for designers to get what they want. Well, the overarching impetus was really just a bunch of designers wanting to make things better. A lot of this happened organically as designers across the company sought to find ways to collaborate. We realized it wasn’t just an Android story or just a Google story but it could be really a cross-platform design framework story the current way of doing things was clashing in all kinds of ways because we hadn’t been thinking about the physics of it.

10 Material Design Backgrounds why don’t we take that and run with that a little bit, and see if we could figure out, you know, what is this made of what is the material that our software is made of? John came up with the idea of what he described as quantum paper.






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