Gzhel Vector Collection in Adobe Illustrator

Gzhel Vector Collection is once again if you drag it over the Composition panel. You’re choosing where your item is place, but if you drag it over the Timeline panel. You choose when it is place. Now, if you notice, whenever you drag an element onto the Timeline panel. This secondary timeline indicator knob appears, and that’s pretty much telling you where the beginning of that layer will be placed in time.

Gzhel Vector Collection

Feature of Gzhel Vector Collection

  • Gift wrapping papers
  • Personal comes
  • Textiles
  • Packaging
  • Accessories
  • Backgrounds

Follow the below link to get the files

Gzhel vector collection

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More About The Gzhel

Okay, so again, it’s very basic stuff, but we’re actually getting somewhere. We’re starting to get more comfortable with Gzhel After Effects. However, if you have a short attention span like me, I think it’s probably time for a break. So here’s some slow motion stock footage for your enjoyment mixed in with some dubstep. Enjoy. All right. I feel much better. Gzhel Vector Collection let’s get back to work. So once again, what we were trying to do in this example is to create a lower third looking logo overlay. Instead of having the logo appears over here, I’m just gonna drag it back to the beginning so that we immediately see it.

Basis of Vector Collection

The next thing we gotta do is pretty much scale it down and position it down at the bottom. Gzhel Vector Collection There’s a couple of ways to do this, like most things in After Effects. One is to shrink it or resize it or stretch it with these little points on the edges of the picture. You can click one of those points and hold Shift, and that will uniformly scale the element. Another way to scale layers is to select them and hit S on your keyboard. That will bring up the scale property of that layer.

Over here, you can see that we can click and just drag it in and out. Gzhel Vector Collection if you want, you can select it and type in the value that you would like. All right, so let’s scale it down to what we want, so I’d say that’s pretty good.


We wanna position it down here. So all you gotta do is just click the layer and drag it over. Gzhel Vector Collection now let’s say you have many layers. Elements in your composition and you can’t really click them. Well, just how we brought up the scale over here. You can select it and hit P, and that will bring up the position of the layer. Then you have the X and Y coordinates and you can drag and position the layer where you want it to be.

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