Farm logos and badges Premium Set

In order to create a vintage look, we bring you the product of Farm logos and badges pack. That will surely make your product more appealing and user engaging.

Farm logos and badges

Intro of Farm logos and badges

We’re going to start from right Farm logos and badges and just make sure we are leaving some space, there you go. All right, make sure the rectangle we created is outside the bounds of the canvas. A little bit of space is left. Once we have done that, we need to fill it with the color that can represent a wide variety of images. Guess what that color is? 50% gray because
it’s in the middle of everything, right? So, let’s make Farm logos and badges sure that the foreground color is 50% gray.

Follow the below link to get the source files.

20 FARM FRESH Logos & Badges

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More about Farm logos and badges

Now that the foreground color is gray, just press Alt + Backspace on Windows or Option + Delete on a Mac, then press Ctrl or Command + D to deselect. However, do keep in mind that when we created
this rectangle, we left a little space. Farm logos and badges There is a gap, right? Now we need to make sure that the Placeholder is only applied to that Canvas. And for that, we need to create a Mask. But before we create any mask or do anything with this layer, let’s change this into a Smart Object. So, with the placeholder layer selected, let’s got a filter, and then convert for Smart Filters it, okay so that it becomes easy for us to replace it.


Now, let’s turn it off for a moment, and you can take all the time in the world to create a proper selection of this, you can use the Quick Selection tool, the Pen tool, whatever is your favorite. So, to save time I went ahead, I used the Pen Tool to make a selection of it. Farm logos and badges I’m just going to load the selection. This is not a selection class. So, I’m just going to go to Select and then Load Selection and I had created this selection – Canvas Selection, right there, and there you go. So in this, I used the Pen Tool to create a selection of this canvas.

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