3 Amazing Graphic Designer Resumes That Work in 2021 – Real Examples & Layout Ideas

Featuring the best graphic designer resumes with the real examples around the world. Here you will experience creative graphic designer resume that actually works.

You had an experience that when you are in search for “creative graphic design resumes”, you found that there are tons of ideas and templates around the internet. But after a few second, you realize that these resumes are not work for me. Because these are not based on actual content. These are the sample resumes that are only use to show some creative resume showcase.

What you will found on this article? You will be get updated with the real graphic designer resumes around the world. I have created the list of all the real designers resume that they are using to get hired.

Keep in mind, from the below listed collection you may found some resume design based on Illustrator resumes, simple MS Word Resume or may created on some design tools. Believe me this doesn’t matter, which software you are using to create it. Do what ever you want.


Here you will explore the graphic resume design of following designations:

  • UI/UX Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Front-end Developers
  • Visual & Product Designer
  • Design Mentor
  • Design Consultant

And from the following countries:

  • Pakistan

Resume Design Mujtaba

Mujtaba Jaffari

Visual & Product Designer | Design Mentor | Design Consultant


Resumes of Designers Sajid Ali

Sajid Ali

UI/UX Designer


Resumes of Designers Waleed Bin Malik

Waleed Bin Malik

UI/UX Designer & Developer


Most of the designers are looking for UX designer resume, because this field is high in demand, and every business adopting this to drive better user experiences.

Many designer are using Canva, to create resumes. Canva resumes are good, you may found many best ideas from it. But when you edit it based on your content, then you found yourself on some trap. Must arrange your appealing content before finding some inspirations.

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if you found todays graphic design portfolio video enjoyable or useful let me know in the comments section and drop a like on your way out.
hi guys this is more complex version of ui/ux designer’s resume.
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