All-Time UI UX Best Practices & Tips [2022]

UI UX Best Practices will cover you when you are coming up with your purposed solution for any design problem.

In this article, you will experience the real and all-time UI UX Best Practices. These tips will surely level up your product. These tips can be applied to your website, mobile app, or any other digital product.

I applied these best rules on Appbracadabra apps, and get the best results from them.

Why do we need UI UX Best Practices?

When we experiment with different techniques, we get to know their results. Those results will help us to move in the right direction. As a product designer, I also find the best solution that will ease my users. In this journey, I have found these best practices and methods that help me a lot.

Tip 7 – Increase Email Confirmation Rates

We always love having an email from our favorite products. It connects us with the products so that we may update our knowledge base with new things.

But the email timings, and the reach to the specific one when we need it, is hard, especially when we are on an onboarding journey.

The onboarding journey is very much important to any product so that they welcome every user nicely.

The following screenshot is addressing the numbers that we have when users confirm their email addresses for a specific sign-up case.

Email Confirmation Rates - UI UX Best Practices

As we just see, there is a lot of percentage of users who never check their email box to confirm the email.


Following are the UI UX Best Practices that we can apply to our onboarding process to increase the email confirmation rate.

  • Short the onboarding process, so that users get the exact thing at the very first interaction.
  • When confirmation requires, then based on the email by users, get the domain, and place the direct button to open their email box. In the following example, users enter their Gmail address, the system dynamically generates the “Open Gmail” button as a CTA (Call to action).
Email Confirmation Rates - UI UX Best Practices

This dynamic CTA button will lead the users to their respective email boxes.

Many of the users are not arranged their email boxes updated, so they always feel the pain to find the latest one.

As new emails always appear at the top of the list, but sometimes, emails reached the spam folder, then it will be a very serious matter to find that email.

step_4_delete_unread_email - UI UX Best Practices

Here we apply Hick’s law, which stated as:

The time it takes to make a decision increases with the number and complexity of choices.
Email Confirmation Rates - UI UX Best Practices

So, now we need to help users to find the exact confirmation email that we just send to users.

To do this, we added some queries along with the link, so that only users see the exact link that we just sent.

Following is an example of adding filter points with the URL.

Email Confirmation Rates - UI UX Best Practices

By applying this, you will follow Path B, as illustrated below.

This experiment shows that companies get more the +7% better email confirmation on their onboarding journey.

Email Confirmation Rates - UI UX Best Practices

Must apply this best practice to your product and visit our more useful resources at Jogaarr.

Tip 6 – Labor Perception Bias

Labor Perception Bias - UI UX Best Practices

Tip 5 – Customer Fatigue

UI UX Best Practices

Tip 4 – Informative > Creative

UI UX Best Rules

Tip 3 – Attentional Bias

We pay attention to things that are already in our minds.

UI UX Best methods

Tip 2 – Von Restorff Effect

When multiple similar objects are present, then one that differs from the rest is most likely to be remembered.

UI UX Best Tips

Tip 1 – Familiarity Bias

UI UX Best Practices

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